FitQuest is a great start to understanding your fitness journey, and ArCTIC is the only company in the United States to have this technology!

FitQuest guides you through a step-by-step series of physical activities designed to measure  your core skills. These measurements are not sports specific. That means that whether you’re a ballet dancer or a rugby player, you share the same core skills. FitQuest does not measure how good you are at your specific sport, but it does indicate how physically fit you are.

Physical fitness can be broken down into five areas: motor sensory control, muscular strength and endurance, speed ability, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility.

Results are compiled into an easy-to-understand report. Our unique Fitness Quotient™ (FQ) score allows users to compare themselves against peers of the same age and gender demographic and track personal improvement.

When FitQuest calculates your scores, it evaluates your data based on your age and gender. Therefore, an FQ of 100 means that you are of average fitness compared to people of the same age and gender.

Tracking your FQ allows you to measure personal improvement over time and provides a far more useful scale when comparing yourself against your peers.

The 5 Tests of FitQuest


Balance Test

Motor sensory control is measured through the balance test.



Push Ups Test

Upper-body strength and endurance is measured through the push ups test.



Jump Test

Lower-body strength is measured through the jump test.




Step Test

Endurance and speed ability is measured through the step test.




Heart Rate Recovery Test

Your cardio vascular fitness is measured via the heart rate recovery test performed immediately after the speed test.



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