Glute Activation with TRX

Have you been sitting at your desk or in your car all day?  In the below video, Maren demostrates a great TRX combo move to fire up your glutes:

TRX Crossing Lunge into a Hip Hinge

  1. Start: Face the anchor point with a light grip on the handles.  Keep the foot of your working leg firmly planted to the ground.
  2. Movement: Send your opposite leg back behind you in a curtsy lunge. The same leg then goes long behind you as you hinge at the waist sending your arms long in front.
  3. Return: Slowly drive through your grounded foot as you come upright to stand.
  4. Repeat: Perform the same movement on the other leg.
  5. Cues:
    • Keep your focus on one point.
    • Try to keep your moving leg off the ground during the entire movement to work your core.
    • Keep your hips parallel to the floor during your hinge.

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