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Are you running in the Army 10-Miler?

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ArCTIC’s Master the Miles Program helps you go the distance!

“Since enrolling in ArCTIC’s Program, the benefits have been clear.
My pace, distance and strength have improved and the multi-pronged approach – chiropractic care, nutrition, injury prevention and running techniques – has made all the difference.
Wish this program had been created sooner!“
~Meaghan M.

ArCTIC gives you the tools to conquer the distance fast, fun and injury free!  We help you with three essential elements of a good training plan: run coaching, nutrition, and injury prevention.  This program is open to runners of all ability levels to include:

  • The true beginners who have never done an event.
  • The experienced beginners who have run before but will be starting over with their training.
  • The returning masters who want to return after a running break due to an injury, pregnancy or long work projects.
  • The intermediate runners who want to PR.
  • You!

In addition to the running training package of your choice (listed below), all participants in the Master the Miles Program receive the following:

Running training package options are:

This program is designed to get you started with a running program while allowing you the flexibility of completely running on your own. This package also includes weekly check-ins with your personal coaches Caroline & Melissa either by phone or e-mail.

Online Coaching 6-Week Package: $119.00

This program is designed to keep you motivated with weekly group training runs with your coaches. This package also  includes weekly group coaching sessions with your personal coaches Caroline & Melissa with the first practice on Sunday, August 27th.

Group Coaching 6-Week Package: $149.00

This program is customized to provide exactly what you need with one-on-one weekly training with your coach. This package also includes weekly one-hour, one-on-one coaching sessions with your personal coach Caroline or Melissa.

Individual Coaching 6-Week Package: $249.00

Note: Members of the military and current and previous ArCTIC clients receive a 10% discount!  

If you are looking to run your first or best event, register for the Master the Miles Program today!

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*Participation in the Army 10-Miler event is not a requirement.
The registration fee for the Army 10-Miler is not included in the price of the Master the Miles Program.



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